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why the blog? March 2, 2007

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one of my failings is that I don’t keep in touch with folks I want to keep in touch with. I get busy, then want to save up all the information in one massive, meta-email that gives each precious person the total update on my life so far.

I keep thinking: today I’ll call, or today I’ll send that massive mail, and then everything will be okay. The time seldom comes, and guilt piles up. And the problem continues. I feel bad, and friends are pissed, and rightfully so.

In the interest of changing behavior that doesn’t work, here’s the silver sun. folks I haven’t kept up with and very much want to, can comment or not at will. And I’ll write once a week at least (I have a calendar reminder:-).

It’s also going to be where I can freely & quietly experiment with various media stuff, for fun, and, dare I say it, art’s sake.

Okay, that’s enough of that.

Welcome to the silver sun.