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Of Liberty’s Direction July 5, 2008

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Liberty holds the puzzle of America within.

Free is the silver city, more certain than gold.

To transmute the stained prosaic to a deeper end

is the task that will end when I am dead; add finite generations

after that.

None of them mine.

All of them mine.

What arrogance to write of freedom and not march!

To face the abyss lip and call for measurement.

To stand and not step forward – no leap of faith

Could compass the fullness of our debt

and yet

That very debt that bows the shoulders low

Must lift the purpose high

And walk the path lined with the everyday

In liberty’s direction, come what may.


bike March 3, 2007

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grrr… so, it looks like the bike was actually filched…shoot.

going to hit the nearest 2nd. hand shop and see if I can find a cheap replacement: I really do have to ride everyday, for health’s sake, plus walking takes too long…

then on to the day’s meetings…looking forward to getting back home tonight…


why the blog? March 2, 2007

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one of my failings is that I don’t keep in touch with folks I want to keep in touch with. I get busy, then want to save up all the information in one massive, meta-email that gives each precious person the total update on my life so far.

I keep thinking: today I’ll call, or today I’ll send that massive mail, and then everything will be okay. The time seldom comes, and guilt piles up. And the problem continues. I feel bad, and friends are pissed, and rightfully so.

In the interest of changing behavior that doesn’t work, here’s the silver sun. folks I haven’t kept up with and very much want to, can comment or not at will. And I’ll write once a week at least (I have a calendar reminder:-).

It’s also going to be where I can freely & quietly experiment with various media stuff, for fun, and, dare I say it, art’s sake.

Okay, that’s enough of that.

Welcome to the silver sun.